Update: Electro-Soul Powerhouse GRiZ collabs with Big Gigantic

Griz on the sax

Griz on the sax

Electrosoul brother GRiZ has been picking up steam, and we’re not talking boiling water. Since our initial review of his debut album, Mad Liberation, GRiZ began collaborating with future funk mastermind Gramatik to form Grizmatik. Combining the forces of soul, funk and the future, GRiZ and Gramatik released Digital Liberation is Mad Freedom, a collab track that will blow your head off.

Beginning with a funky ass guitar riff, and a “Yo pass me the L” soundbite, DLIMF kicks off hard. The major samples converge 40 seconds in, but there’s just so much to love. That initial guitar riff maintains throughout much of the track, not drenched in wah, but rather using a rotary effect, which alternates the signal through both sides your stereo or headphones. The womps kick in at 1:33, but really bust a minute later when the track breaks down. Pretty heavy until the end, DLMF sends you off with an old school blues sample.

Since that track dropped, GRiZ has maintained a steady touring schedule and reunited with Colorado music monsters, Big Gigantic to bring you his latest collaboration, “Power.”

Now this isn’t the first time GRiZ has worked with Big Gigantic. Dominic Lalli, mint saxophone player of Big Gigantic was featured on the “Mr. B,” jazzy track seven on GRiZ’s Mad Liberation. This time around, “Power” starts off pretty eerily, reminiscent of something you might hear in the sound track of a super hero movie. But that all changes after just 22 seconds when Big G busts in. What could be considered a chorus comes around 1:35, and leads into a lull filled by a skank beat and some of Lalli’s genius brass work.

Typical of Big Gigantic, once it’s introduced, the track is lead through various stages by the crucial saxophone melody. Despite the fact that the melody may not always be played on sax, that can be the driving key for other samples to use so as to not overuse the live sax. Usually synth tones fill in the blanks with these guys, but with GRiZ on the team there’s a cacophony of other effects and tones to process simultaneously. Bringing on a third man for this collaboration, Big Gigantic is able to expand beyond their normal tendencies while giving GRiZ the opportunity to cooperate in some serious beat smithing, and even a little sax.

Be sure to grab a free copy of GRiZ’s Mad Liberation through the “GRiZ” link at the very top, and keep up with his soundcloud as much as you can for sick remixes all the time.



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