Update: Artifakts & Dasein, Blowin’ Up!

John Neave Designs

Remember that trip-hop EP Like This If by that downtempo duo Artifakts? Well they’ve been gaining a lot of momentum lately, and we called it, son! The scene spoke out and voted Artifakts one of the most deserving up and coming EDM producers to open for Pretty Lights last month. Unfortunately one half of the crew, South Carolina based William Thompson couldn’t make it. But a newer voice in the community, Dasein, stepped in and killed it. You can check out Artifakts & Dasein’s set opening for Pretty Lights here on soundcloud.

Another John Neave Design Joint

Another John Neave Design Joint

Also the big news today is that you can get Artifakts’ new joint Like This If at Amazon and iTunes, as well as on Spotify. By coincidence or genius, and I’m leanin’ towards the latter, Artifakts managed to line up their debut with Apple’s iTunes launch in 53 new countries, including Russia and India. Be sure to peep Dasein as well as Artifakts’ Soundcloud regularly for some tight ass remixes, free downloads, and new beats all the time!



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