Reggae Reincarnate Snoop Lion Drops Another Track

ImageSome time ago Snoop Dogg dropped a bomb on the reggae world. Supposedly the (laughable) reincarnation of Bob Marley, the DO Double G got blessed by a Rastafari priest during a formative trip to Jamaica and rereleased himself as Snoop Lion. Now Snoop has said that his new project was motivated by the desire to make music that’s more than just Gangsta Rap. He’s looking to make something more of his career, that’s respectable by his older peers and family.

Some speculate that Snoop Dogg evolving into Snoop Lion is just a way for Snoop to stay new in an ever changing rap game. Others say he’s just old and wants to smoke and make reggae. Truthfully, it seems like a combination of all these factors. The man is getting older, and reggae is a way calmer genre than what Snoop is used to making. Never mind making. Pioneering. So what’s with the change, Snoop?

The two tracks released so far from Snoop Lion’s forthcoming album, Reincarnated, are “La La La,’ and ‘Here Comes the King.” “La La La,” produced by Major Lazer, a side project of powerhouse DJ/Producer Diplo, is interesting to say the least. Beat-wise, it is Moombahton, a combination of reggae, dancehall, and dubstep. “La La La” is not your average Moombahton track. It is significantly more subdued and truer to a reggae or dub form. But “Here Comes the King” brings the thump. It sounds a bit like  M.I.A.’s “Paper Planes,” but that’s because Diplo helped write it. This one is exec produced by Major Lazer, featuring Angela Hunte on the hook. “Here Comes the King” is way more of a dance track than “La La La,” and since there’s only two tracks so far, only time will tell how the cards fall with this Snoop Lion project. If it ends up being more anthemic higher tempo dancey tracks and Snoop rapping with a Jamaican accent like “Here Comes the King,” than ok. I’d personally like to hear more dubbier tracks like “La La La,” and leave the dance tracks to the hoards of DJs that will tear the track apart into the dirtiest ragefest known to man. Either way, Snoop is going to do whatever the hell he wants, and that’s why we keep coming back for more.



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